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"The team worked very quick and were very thorough."
- Michael & Adele Sykes

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"I want to thank you for being such a wonderful person and usinessman. Who would care there days for another person like you displayed."
- Anita, Kerry and Natalie

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"You have the most professional and courteous staff that I have every dealt with"
- D Remin.

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"The advice and direction was always spot on"
- Jan and Ted McGivern

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"Right from the first call I felt a sense of importance. Your friendly and professional manners made me feel at ease."
- Natalie and Russell Satchwill

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"Not Only was your help invaluable, but your caring attitude was testimony to your professional honesty and desire to obtain the best and safest deal for your client."
- Joan Quinn

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Expand your investment opportunities 100% Lending Ratio

An owner occupied, residential lending program providing additonal funds for investment or consolidation.
Restricted to established, typical homes in captital city metropolitan areas (not Hobart or Canberra) only.
Other refinancing products available in most area's throughout Australia.
Uses an accelerated repayment system over 5 years to provide funding.
Requires a strong cash flow and sound credit rating.

Terms: and Interest from 10 to 25 years. 5 year accelerated payment
Loan Size: Varies with city
Max Lending Ratio: up to 100% of security value